Our Story

Wolff Gallery is a curatorial collaboration between visual artists Shannon O’Connor and Zemie Barr. Our goal is to broaden the Portland art scene by prioritizing the exhibition of work by traditionally underrepresented artists. We gravitate toward visual and performing art that does not suppress emotional intensity and we encourage more contemporary artists to embrace the personal as political. We are dedicated to a feminist, collaborative organizational model and we approach exhibition­making as an art form, as well as a shared endeavor with each participating artist.


Zemie Barr is an artist and curator based in Portland, Oregon, where she co-directs Wolff Gallery with Shannon O'Connor and manages the photography exhibitions at Blue Sky Gallery. Zemie studied photography, digital media, and English literature at Scripps College and later completed a Master’s degree in curatorial studies with a focus on public art at the University of Southern California.  

Shannon O'Connor is a photographer, filmmaker, curator and collage artist. Her photography and film work explore an emotional narrative that seeks real connections between people. Currently she is working on video documentaries about artists, exploring their personal stories and creative processes. Shannon studied commercial photography at Santa Monica College and has worked as a freelance photographer and curator.