Videos made by Shannon O’Connor

Calethia DeConto  Photography, mixed media and fiber art, Los Angeles, Ca

"I was born in 1980 in Enid, Oklahoma, picked up my first camera in 1988 and was raised in about 15 different places across the US and abroad traveling often with my military father. Traditional analog photography is my educational foundation. Mixing media is my self taught evolution. Currently I live and work in Los Angeles. My work is about temporality and moving through it with grace in the midst of emotional complexities. Recurrent themes I explore are feminine sensuality/power, nature worship, mystical mysteries and the soul’s journey in human form. I try to document our relationship with time in a way that honors my own tender heart's longing and pensiveness. I am continually inspired by dappled light, natural elements, eastern philosophies, indigenous practices and the expression of love between living beings. As an artist I hope to simply achieve a transference of my soul’s journey in this lifetime (or perhaps echoes of lifetimes past) to others out there, somewhere (I Was Here!). A journalist once wrote that my photographs are like "whispers". I concur. When I'm not creating collages or cyanotypes I enjoy freestyle weaving, sculpting, writing and painting. My favorite place to be is at the beach or in my garden with a cup of tea."


Alyson Provax  Printmaking, animation and collage, Portland, OR 

“She is interested in mundane experiences of boredom and anxiety, the transcendent feeling of considering the size of the universe, and the sensual tactile. Her work is based in printmaking, but often expands into animation and collage. She works experimentally, and often makes one-of-a-kind prints, using the matrix to create repetition within the same piece. Alyson is a graduate of Pacific Northwest College of Art and was the recipient of the school's Liberal Arts Award.”